Shell fossil found in Portugal.

Second view of shell fossil.

This was found on a beach in Portugal. If anyone could help identify the nature of fossilisation that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Collector: Craig T.

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One Response to “Fossil Shells from Portugal”

  1. Scott says:

    Craig, I am not familiar with the geology of Portugal in particular, but beaches are great places to discover fossils. What you have here is a section of limestone with shell fossils embedded in it. These shells and other smaller shell animals with them actually create the limestone layers as they are deposited. You are lucky enough to have one easily identifiable fossil type visible and that is the multi-chambered snail seen in both pictures known as turritella. You can see other examples of turritella shells on this blog if you look at June 17, 2010.

    Maybe someone reading this will know more about these fossil in particular.

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