Puzzling geologic find in the Ozarks.

How weird is this one?

Found South Central Missouri, foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, 10 miles south of Rolla, MO on our land.  Dirt/weedy washed-out rocky hillside.  We don’t really think it’s a broken egg but that’s what it resembles :) There are yellow crystal specks abundant on one side of the center section, not so many on the other side but it does include some tiny black specks there.  The “egg” ends are white & generally smooth with some slight creases and the center section is fairly smooth but rougher in texture.  We hope someone knows what this is.  My guess is some sort of throat bone/gizzard bit?  I hope it’s not “just a rock”, the shape seems too odd not to be a fossil. And credit goes to my 13 year old son Derek for spotting this cool find.  Thanks to everyone for looking.

Location: Rolla, Missouri

Collector: luvfunstuff

Editor’s Note: We agree. It’s weird. This looks to us like an artifact of some sort rather than a fossil. Is there anyone who can help identify it? Please leave a comment.

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