A chance find of marine fossils in Indiana.

I was walking in soybean field looking for arrowheads yesterday and found these at the end of a washed out gully or ditch going at a uphill slant. Coral, Brachiopod and sponge I think. Lots of sand also where the water had come out of the gully. These fossils were all close to each other. The sponge or piece with holes is very pretty on the other side with tiny crystals in the formations. Not sure of all names I've stated. Walking up the gully there were larger layers and large rocks with about 3 feet of dirt above them on each side of me as I walked. Each year the gully gets deeper with the rains and the depth is past my waist when I'm walking in it. More rocks are showing up in the bottom of it than were there last year. Although when you drive down State Road 1 it just looks like a dirt soybean field. Now I know there's lot of rock under it with fossils.

Fossil collector: Vivian B.

Wayne County, Indiana

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