Unknown fossils crawl through this rock like worms

Strange rock son picked up at random from rocky river bed.

Cameron, noticed what a strange rock he found.

Went on a family outing to the river with the kids. The boys started hunting for good rocks for me to skip across the water when my 5 year old, Cameron, noticed what a strange rock he found.

Fossil Hunter: CodyH

Location: North Saskatchewan River near Devon, Alberta, Canada

[Editor: We'll see if we can get some Alberta collectors to comment with specifics, but at first look, they appear to be the stems of fossil crinoids or "sea lilies." These stems are responsible for many weird-looking fossils. Type crinoid  the search box at the top to see a few more of these tricky fossils including another one from Alberta!]

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One Response to “Alberta Worm Rock-Redux”

  1. KINDRA RABUS says:

    Scott hi, I just wanted to let you know I do not know what the first picture is, but the bottom picture looks like a relative of our  squid called orthoceras. If you ever get to a fossil show or go online look them up. iI am not saying thats what it is, but could be. Hope it helped.

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