Petrified wood fossils

I got two ID’s on this. One guy said fossilized wood. Other guy said fossilized wood casts....where the wood rots away and is replaced by minerals. Either way I knew it was related to some kind of fossil wood. Largest piece is about 2" long. I found this on one of my arrowhead sites. I find a lot of this stuff in one specific spot. —Buddy

Fossil Hunter: Buddy

Location: Central Ohio

[Well, let's try a mash up just to spark conversation so we will add fossil root casts as another alternative. Would anyone like to leave a response in favor of any of these?]

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One Response to “Fossilized Wood or Wood Casts?”

  1. Geofowl says:

    IMHO fossil root casts. Observed similar specimens in an ablation till from central Ohio as well from a well sorted fine grained sand deposit in SW Ohio.

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