Side view of the Arkansas fossil

"I found this in a creek bed in Snowball, Arkansas. Looks to me like a bit of petrified wood or some sort of palm tree? The center could that possibly be a crinoid? Just making guesses."

Concentric pattern of the fossil

"Arkansas Geological Society says: You have found a nautiloid. These animals were the pre-cursors to the modern day squid and octopus. The living representative of this family is the Nautilus."

Fossil Collector: Elizabeth K.

Location: Snowball, Arkansas

[Editor's Note: The AGS usually knows what it is talking about, but we are having a difficult time seeing a nautiloid here. Anyone recognize it?]

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One Response to “Arkansas Ammonite?”

  1. don miller says:

    I’m certainly no expert, I’ve just collected fossils since I was a child, but the rings and the central core make me think more of a plant or tree structure. Could it be the growth tip of a large plant that fell over but wasn’t completely crushed, just buried with just enough pressure to some what flatten it?

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