Fossil oysters in Arizona

I went rock hunting. Everyone else was looking for a specific rock, but that bored me. I walked along looking for fossils and found one after another. This was one that excited me.

Payson creek marine fossils

Found along a dry creek east of Payson, Arizona. This rock has many fossils, corals, shells and these worm things.

Fossil Hunter: rockaddict

Location: East of Payson, Arizona

[Editor's Note: The first fossil has a very "oystery" look to it, but may be a type of brachiopod. The "net-like" fossil at the top of picture two is a Bryozoa, the bottom "worm-like" fossil looks to be part of a crinoid or other echinoderm such as a star fish. You can use the website search box to see other examples of these and compare.]

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