Hmmm...well, it's odd looking.

Found while hand digging a hole for a koi fish pond in my back yard.

Fossil Collector: TimW

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

[Edtor: We're are not even sure this is a fossil, but it is certainly odd. There do appear to be fossil crinoids surrounding it. Have an idea? Please leave a response.]

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2 Responses to “Fish Pond Fossil Treasure”

  1. nijkamp says:

    Dear Tim it looks not a fossil to me, it looks like a bag that in ancient times is
    used for old guns for the gunpowder in rifles before a bullet was placed.

    Maybe you should remove the whole thing carefully for a better look in my opinion,
    but its nice you show it. I like these things.

    [Some edits were made for clarity in English. No offense is intended to the comment's author. Thank you for your comment. -My Fossil Find]

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  2. Glen says:

    My first thought looks like a fin or flipper of some sort maybe turtle or other aquatic species from long ago. Possibly a shoulder blade bone or hip bone. The coloration makes me believe it’s a fossil of some kind.

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