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Welcome Fossil Collectors

Welcome to My Fossil Find a meeting place for fossil collectors and fans. We invite you to comment on the fossil pictures, vote for prehistoric life that you like and submit your own fossils discoveries for discussion.

  • Reveal your new find—hey if you found something good, show it off!
  • Find a puzzling fossil that you cannot identify? Let the fossil community here help you out with some ideas.
  • Comment and enjoy the discussion.

All comments and posts are moderated. Please be civil to the other commentators and no extreme language or attitudes. Anything threatening, racist, abusive or otherwise inappropriate will not be tolerated. We welcome interesting submissions from museums and fossil-related businesses, but this is not a place to sell your fossils. Comments and posts of a strictly commercial nature will be deleted.

Please read our guidelines before you submit a photograph and most of all have fun.

The Fossil Crew

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