Cornish ammonite
Cornwall ammonite fossil

Just found it while out shooting near the coast. It looks like my whippets toenail, but about 500 times bigger!

Fossil Hunter: tinbum

Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

[Editor's Note: Nice find and you would not be the first to be fooled by one of these fossils! What you are looking at is a piece of the shell of a fossil ammonite. Those ridges on the inside are the internal structure of the shell. The southern coast of the UK is well known for its spectacular ammonite fossils notably in the area of Lyme Regis. You will need to fill in the missing pieces of the shell with your imagination, but compare it to some of the other ammonite fragments here by typing "ammonite" in the search box.]

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Tennessee fossil coral specimen

I discovered the fossil on a mountain top while turkey hunting. I have found an abundant amount of shell fossils in the same area but never anything like this. Judging by the cluster of things, I believe this to be coral. I'm no expert, though, and this is why I am seeking your help!

Fossil Collector: Zach L.

Location: Gladdice, Jackson County, Tennessee

[Editor's Note: Zach, your instincts are right on the money this time. This looks like a classic fossil coral specimen.]

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Daily fossil catch

Fishing for fossils yields a crystal conch shell.

Fossil conch or whelk shell.

Another view of the fossil conch or whelk shell.

Fossil Collector: Alex B.

Location: Florida

[Editor: Beautiful find and an interested method of fossil collecting! Florida is well-noted for calcite crystal encrusted shell fossil like this whelk or conch. Very interesting both as a fossil an for display. Similar fossil are found more conventionally at the Drum Point Crystal Mine and throughout the state.]

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Possible crinoid fossil?

Fossil was found on western shoreline of Lake Michigan two miles north of Glen Arbor, MI.

Possible horn coral fossil?

It was mixed in with a variety of stones at the edge of the surf. The circular feature immediately caught my eye.

Fossil Collector: Scott M.

Location: Glen Arbor, Michigan

[Editor's note: Hmm...the top picture certainly looks like the texture of a crinoid fossil. The second picture could be the cross section of a crinoid, but also looks similar to the base of a horn coral. Any thoughts from Michigan collectors?]

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Star-like fossil from Missouri

Discovered on a Missouri Creek bank.

Missouri star fossil compared to a penny for size.

A penny shows the relative size of the star.

Fossil Collector: Jennifer S

Location: Southwest Missouri

[Editor's note:'s odd. It has the obvious look of a fossil starfish, but maybe that is too easy. Does anyone recognize this?]

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