Internal cast of a florida fossil clam

Anyone familiar with Florida knows that fossil shells abound in its geologic formations. Road construction often reveals a treasure trove for collectors. Duke Pointek discovered this fossil clam cast in road construction near Rockledge, FL. Most of the shell material is worn away to expose a nearly solid calcite interior.

Collector: Duke Pointek

Avant Gourd Edge

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Micro shark teeth from a New Jersey well drilling.

Shark teeth through the looking glass. Well drillings can provide a micro-sized snap shop into fossil formations not available on the surface. This well drilling in Richwood, New Jersey punched into the Cretaceous Mount Laurel/Navesink Formation more than 100 feet below the surface.

Tiny fossil obtained through a well drilling

The fossils were carefully sifted with window screen from the glauconite-rich "green sand" brought to the surface. Fossils in the sample included shark teeth, shark and ecinoderm spines, encodus fish teeth and dermal denticles.

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kentucky coral fossil

14 lb. unbroken coral found in Bath County, KY.

Bath County fossil coral.

Can anyone help identify largelar fossil find?

Collector: KentuckyKathy

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Trilobite rubber art stamps from Butter Side Down

Experience the Paleozoic in rubber stamp form!

See all 12 trilobites

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This large barnacle fossil from the Lee Creek phosphate mine (Aurora) in North Carolina measures about two inches across. While barnacles are not the most sexy fossil, they are striking and a fun oddity to pick up.

Location: Lee Creek Mine, NC

Collector: Scott S

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