new trilobite rubber stamp sets

Three new trilobite rubber stamp sets are now available! 12 different designs. The Paleozoic looks better and better every day.

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Turritella agate from South Dakota is easily slabbed and polished with a diamond saw.

A six-inch block of turritella agate found in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The agate was larger, but has been slabbed into a block. Turritella Agate can be slabbed and polished into beautiful slices.

Collector: Robert S.

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Shell fossil found in Portugal.

Second view of shell fossil.

This was found on a beach in Portugal. If anyone could help identify the nature of fossilisation that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Collector: Craig T.

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Kentucky fossil coral from Renfro Valley.

The fossil corals of Kentucky are well-known, but always a treat for collectors.

Refro Valley Devonian coral fossils

These Devonian corals were collected in the Renfro Valley.

Photo: Robert Stecher

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Strange fossil found in rock piles near a pond in Port Byron, Illinois.

This strange fossil was found in rock piles near a pond in Port Byron, Illinois. I believe the snail was found there too, possibly in my backyard in Port Byron not the pond though.

Possible Illinois trilobite or crinoid fossil

Any suggestions as to the type os fossil this is? Please post your ideas with the response button below.

Submitted by Fossil collector: jessst

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