A one time fossil find?

Found them when I was 9-10 and I have not found any more since.

Possible echinoderm spines.

They were found with my shark teeth.

Fossil Collector: jandjself

Location: Lamar County, Texas

[Note: Fossil identified in the comments.]

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Fossil found in a Alberta field

Fossil discovered in a Drumhellar field.

Fossil Collector: Joe

Location: Drumhellar Alberta, Canada

[Note: Drumhellar gets a lot of attention for dinosaurs, but there is more there to be discovered. This appears to be part of the internal cast of an ammonite shell.]

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Fossil sea urchin

Can any one tell me what my two young boys Remy 8 and Louie 5 have found on the beach at Warden on the Isle of Sheppey. We went for the weekend and they are desperate to find out.

Second fossil found on the beach at Warden.

Second fossil found on the beach.

Fossil Collectors: Rem and Louie

Location: Isle of Sheppey, England

[Editor: Nice finds for some young fossil collectors! The top fossil is an echinoderm relative of modern starfish, sea urchins and sea biscuits. We don't immediately recognize the second fossil. Possibly the impression from a sea urchin spine? Anyone recognize it?]

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Fossil oysters in Arizona

I went rock hunting. Everyone else was looking for a specific rock, but that bored me. I walked along looking for fossils and found one after another. This was one that excited me.

Payson creek marine fossils

Found along a dry creek east of Payson, Arizona. This rock has many fossils, corals, shells and these worm things.

Fossil Hunter: rockaddict

Location: East of Payson, Arizona

[Editor's Note: The first fossil has a very "oystery" look to it, but may be a type of brachiopod. The "net-like" fossil at the top of picture two is a Bryozoa, the bottom "worm-like" fossil looks to be part of a crinoid or other echinoderm such as a star fish. You can use the website search box to see other examples of these and compare.]

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Great Lakes trilobite fragment

We go to Lake Huron for the long weekend and one part of the beach has lots of trilobites. This year we found this fossil which we can't identify.

Fossil Collector: Keehan

Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

[Editor: Trilobites shed their shells periodically just as modern crustaceans do today. What you have likely found here is a fragment of shell that is missing the head and tail sections of the trilobite. Can any trilobite collectors tell us the specific species?]

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