Shell fossil found in Portugal.

Second view of shell fossil.

This was found on a beach in Portugal. If anyone could help identify the nature of fossilisation that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Collector: Craig T.

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Stnding by the boat after the James River  trip

Dr Ward headed the trip to the James River in Virgina for Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures. A couple of us stand around one of the boats after a great day of hunting. We had stopped about five locations.

Showing off a great fossil shark tooth find form the James River.

Showing off a great fossil shark tooth find from the James River.

A table covered with fossil shells I found on the trip.

Most of the finds that day where the great scallop shells. My haul for the day is pictured. Thanks to Cathy at DVPS for setting up the trip.

Photos: Maria G

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Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature AdventuresEcphora Miocene shell fossil.

A beautiful large and intact Ecphora found last weekend along the James River in Southeastern VA. This was just one of many cool finds that we collected with the Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures group.

Ecphora shell fossil found in Virginia. Collector/Photo Travis K.

Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adventures

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miocene shell fossils from maryland

These Eocene Turritella plebia shells are, I believe, from the Choptank Formation. The thinner shells are tusk shells named for their obvious shape. I do not know the species. I found them washing around in the waves of Solomons Island, Maryland.

Photo: Scott S

Location: Solomons Island, MD

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