Great Lakes trilobite fragment

We go to Lake Huron for the long weekend and one part of the beach has lots of trilobites. This year we found this fossil which we can't identify.

Fossil Collector: Keehan

Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

[Editor: Trilobites shed their shells periodically just as modern crustaceans do today. What you have likely found here is a fragment of shell that is missing the head and tail sections of the trilobite. Can any trilobite collectors tell us the specific species?]

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Virgina trilobite

I was looking through some rocks and found this enclosed in the rocks.

Fossil Collector: Grizzlymoore

Location: Frederick County, Virginia

[If there is one, there is probably more! Certainly a trilobite fossil, possibly Phacops. Can any trilobite collectors make a definite ID on this one? Please leave a response.]

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Fossil trilobite with a lost specimen label. Help!

Help, I lost a label for my trilobte specimen. My best guess is that this trilobite is from the Wheeler Shale of Utah and it might even be Elrathia kingi. If there are any trilobite buffs out there who can confirm this, it will he helpful. The specimen is about one inch long.

Location: Delta, Utah (?)

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