Fossil tree fern

Found under a mountain near Buffalo Creek and Rum Creek Elevation 2500-2800 found by coal miner.

Fossil Collector: Ruandsue

Location: West Virginia

[Huge fossil! Possibly a species of lepidodendron or scale tree which were abundant in the Pennsylvanian Period. Can anyone tell us the particular species?]


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Petrified wood fossils

I got two ID’s on this. One guy said fossilized wood. Other guy said fossilized wood casts....where the wood rots away and is replaced by minerals. Either way I knew it was related to some kind of fossil wood. Largest piece is about 2" long. I found this on one of my arrowhead sites. I find a lot of this stuff in one specific spot. —Buddy

Fossil Hunter: Buddy

Location: Central Ohio

[Well, let's try a mash up just to spark conversation so we will add fossil root casts as another alternative. Would anyone like to leave a response in favor of any of these?]

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Is it a cycad fossil?

I was wondering if you could provide any insight into the attached picture as to possible identification of a fossil found 20+ years ago in Franklin Lakes New Jersey.

Fossil Collector: John A.

Location: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

[ This looks very much like a cycad fossil although we are not aware of those being found in New Jersey. Maybe someone reading this can help us. Type cycad in our search box above and compare this to other cycad examples. ]

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Fossil fern from under the house

I was given this fossil when I was a child by a friend of my parents. I believe they said it was found digging out a house foundation in Indiana.

Note: The back of this fossil [not pictured] looks like it is a concretion.

Fossil Collector: Seth F.

Location: Indiana

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Pittsburgh fern fossils

Pittsburgh area fossils.

Plant fossils from Pennsylvania

For relaxation, I've gone Fossil hunting. The problem is I have let things get out of hand and I have collected a ton of specimens—more like 3 tons!

Tons of fossil plants

I have been reduced to saving them on pallets!

Fossil Collector: KAZimovian

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area

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