Beautifully preserved fossil plants

Found this one near Elephant Butte in Owyhee County, ID and South of Sommercamp Road.

Fossil Collector: Todd J.

Location: Owyhee County, Idaho

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Lycopod plant fossil

Help identify please! Could it be a Stigmaria fossil (root of a Lycopsid tree)? I have found so many fossils I really enjoy hunting them!

Fossil Hunter: Sherrie M

Location: Southern Indiana

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Boston Mountains plant fossil

Found on backpacking trip in the Boston Mountains in Arkansas at 2,000 elevation.

Fossil Hunter: Mike

Location: Boston Mountains, Arkansas

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St. Clair fossil fern

A fossil fern from the classic fossil collecting location of St. Clair, Pennsylvania. Over the years countless fossil plants have been uncovered by fossil hunters in the coal mine spoil piles of St. Clair. I believe the location is now closed. This specimen is about 4 inches long.

Location: St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Collector: S. Stepanski

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The strange looking fossil almost resembled a snake to me.

I cracked open some sand stone and found this weird snake looking fossil. Help me out here.

Fossil Collector: Andy S.

Location: Durham, England

Editor: We like it when we can be so positive about something. This is certainly a fossil calamites from the swamps of the Carboniferous Period some 300- 360 million years ago. Calamites are an extinct horsetail plant that grew to giant proportions reaching 30 -100 feet tall. Durham was a different place back then!

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