Possible fossil mud cracks from Oklahoma

Cool piece of art but what is it? My grandparents had this fossil/rock in their home all my life and I inherited it a few years back, I was always fascinated by this fossil/rock as a kid and still as a adult. I would love to share this information with my grandchildren.

Photo: RAC

Location: Oklahoma

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Strange object found in West Runton, Norfolk

I found this on the shoreline at West Runton, Norfolk.

Picture Location:  West Runton, Norfolk

Photo: Neil B.

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Pseudo fossil egg. A rock that resembles a fossil.

I'm not sure if this is a fossil. I'm hoping that someone on here could help me out! From what I can see it appears to be a shell encasing a fossilised embryo. But then again I am no expert and could be just making things up!

Another view of the "egg" with coin for size.

Another view of the "egg" with Euro coin for size.

Collector: Craig T.

Editor’s note: I think you have found something that has fooled a great many people. The stone  is most likely a flint or chert nodule or other sedimentary formation. These rocks tend to have a rough weathering crust that can very much resemble eggshell and have a different color interior. I always point out to people that nodules like this are interesting finds in themselves even it they are not what they first appear. I have added the new category of “Pseudo Fossil” because I suspect we will be needing it again. Even the best collectors can be fooled. Got any pseudo fossil stories? Please comment.

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