Fossil mammal discovred in Tanzania

A mammal discovered near the top of a layer of flat bedded shale or slate in Tanzania. The fossil is about 40cm.

Fossil Collector: Africa Collector

Location: Tanzania

[Editor: Ok, we admit African fossil mammals are not our specialty. Is anyone familiar with fossil mammals that would like to contribute to the discussion? The collector would like to find out more about this find. Please leave a comment.]

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Found on a reef next to oyster and clams shells in the Mancos Shale. Believe the black material is "skin." First thought these were tail spikes from a dinosaur but this is shallow sea environment. Can you help me identify them?

Fossil Collector: Mark P.

Location: Mancos Shale

[Note: The Mancos Shale is an Upper Cretaceous formation of Utah and the Colorado Plateau. This find is something we we we could pick up and take a closer look at, but the general impression of the black areas reminds us of large fish bones and scales. The size of these are a bit daunting. For your dinosaur theory, it is not unusual to find terrestrial animal fossils in marine deposits because a watery environment is generally needed for them to become fossils. Terrestrial animals are washed into rivers, marshes and oceans all the time. As a famous example, the first dinosaur discovered in the United States is Hadrosaurus foulkii which was uncovered in a Cretaceous marine deposit in Haddenfield, New Jersey. Hopefully someone familiar with these fossils can leave a comment for us.]

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Nebraska mammal fossil bones?

Found along the sand beds of the Missouri River at Ponca State Park, Nebraska. The river was low enough to traverse most of the sand beds by foot.

Missour River fossil mammal

Took the kids for a walk across the river and stumbled across this. Not sure it's even a fossil to be quite frank!

Fossil Collector: Ryan W.

Location: Missouri River, Nebraska

[Editor: That makes two of us, but it is a nice find. What do you think? Is this an ice age mammal or something more recent? Please leave a response.]

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Side view of the Arkansas fossil

"I found this in a creek bed in Snowball, Arkansas. Looks to me like a bit of petrified wood or some sort of palm tree? The center could that possibly be a crinoid? Just making guesses."

Concentric pattern of the fossil

"Arkansas Geological Society says: You have found a nautiloid. These animals were the pre-cursors to the modern day squid and octopus. The living representative of this family is the Nautilus."

Fossil Collector: Elizabeth K.

Location: Snowball, Arkansas

[Editor's Note: The AGS usually knows what it is talking about, but we are having a difficult time seeing a nautiloid here. Anyone recognize it?]

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Strange looking fossil found in the Pennsylvania

I found this fossil when I was 14. I was down by a stream in the mountains of the Poconos. I was building a dam with rocks from around the bed of the stream. I noticed this fossil and to this day am not sure what it is.

Fossil Collector: James W.

Location: Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

[Editors: Well, well racked our brains because we know we have seen this before, but simply could not remember what it is. Maybe a large brachiopod? If anyone recognizes it, please leave a response and put us out of our misery!]

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