Is this fossil ivory from Texas?

My grandpa was digging in a construction site in Texas and supposedly found a piece of a mastodon tusk.

Fossil Collector: Irish Boy

Location: Texas

[Editor: Hmm...tricky. Fossil ivory can often have this chalky, cracked appearance, but so can a number of minerals. Any fossil tusk fans out there care to leave a comment to help identify this? Fossil tusk or not?]

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An odd looking coral fossil?

My 9 year old son found this rock with what looks like a fossil in it. He found it at Thornell Road in Pittsford, NY, among gravel. I am not sure if it is local or may have been brought in the gravel from elsewhere. If you can provide your thoughts on whether it is a fossil, and if so what it could be, I am sure he would be delighted to know.

Fossil Collector: ZiaM

Location: Pittsford, NY

[ This looks like the edge of a horn corn, but we are certainly open to fresh ideas on this one. Can anyone help us identify this? Please leave a response. ]

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Is is a large tooth fossil?

I bought it at a garage sale.

Fossil Collector: Grayson  C.

Location:  Texas

[ We are becoming a big fan of  those garage sale finds! My Fossil Find receives a lot of submissions similar to this. In general it appears to be a tooth from a modern cow, but the age is always difficult to determine. Any thoughts? ]

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A huge tooth found in a Colorado gully.

I found a huge molar in a gully of sandstone right after a heavy rainstorm in Lakewood, Colorado. Any help identifying and/or dating it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

Fossil Collector: Zacharlton

Location: Lakewood Colorado

[ The surface of this does not have the enamel appearance we would expect. It does not look "toothy" enough, but we are open to suggestions. Any ideas out there? Please leave a response. ]

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Is it a cycad fossil?

I was wondering if you could provide any insight into the attached picture as to possible identification of a fossil found 20+ years ago in Franklin Lakes New Jersey.

Fossil Collector: John A.

Location: Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

[ This looks very much like a cycad fossil although we are not aware of those being found in New Jersey. Maybe someone reading this can help us. Type cycad in our search box above and compare this to other cycad examples. ]

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