Fossil tooth from a float trip

My family went on a white water tubing trip in Harpers Ferry, WV. The bag fell in the rapids. When we got home the “rock” was in the bag.

Fossil Collector: COHara

Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Editor’s Note: Given that it was a tubing trip, we are glad that you only pulled this tooth out of the bag. We will resort to an emoticon for that statement :) This is half of what is likely a fossil Carcharodon megalodon shark tooth. Accidentally finding its way into your bag is a remarkable bit of luck. ]

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Front view of the fossil fish scales

In approximately 1980, I was actively looking for fossils and found this on the side of my home in a pile of rocks that was brought there as decorative landscape.

Back view of the fossil fish

With some research, the source could likely be tracked down. There appears to be a large bone and feathers or scales (back view).

Fossil collector: Ttischer

Location: Independence, Colorado

[Editor: Nice find! We love fossil fish and that is almost certainly a tail section of a fish. It looks a bit like a lobe finned fish, a relative of the coelacanth. Since the rocks were transported, identifying where they came from may be critical to identifying the fossil. Can anyone here offer some clues?]

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A toothsome fossil find!

Walking on the beach and my daughter was digging in the shore line and discovered it.

Fossil Collector: McMollette86

Location: Topsail, NC

[Note: Nice find! looks to be half of a large Carcharodon megalodon shark tooth from the Miocene Period— Go back and dig for more!]

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Unopened concretion

This plain looking concretion was discovered at an Asian art estate sale. It seems that fossils are where you find them.

Unveiling the fossil

Unveiling the fish fossil: Is it an eel? Strange pointed-nose fish with no fins?

Fossil gar fish revealed

A better look reveals a gar-like fish fossil within the concretion.

Fossil Collector: JodiM

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

[Editor: We just love fossils in concretions! This looks like a type of gar fish. Knowing the location it was originally discovered will be a big help in identifying it. Fortunately, concretions often have a distinctive look. Does any one recognize this particular fish fossil concretion? Please leave a response.]

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Fossil Fish fry

Sometimes fossil finds are especially unexpected. This fish was discovered in a storage unit. It looks like it might be in a concretion rather than split from limestone. Does anyone recognize the type of fish?

Fossil Hunter: Turtle

Location: California storage unit

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