Huge fossil shark teeth

Some nice teeth my wife and I found diving off Venice, Florida.

Fossil Collector: Gary H.

Location: Venice, Florida

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Eocene Green River Fish Fossil Priscacara

There's a reason collector's love the Green River Formation of Wyoming. The fish there never go bad even after 50 million years! Cracking open some limestone and catching an Eocene fish is such a treat. This one is probably a fragment of Priscacara.

Fossil Collector: Walt S.

Green River Formation, WY

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Bone Valley Shark Tooth Fossil

Angustidens shark tooth from the Bone Valley Formation of Florida.

My find of the day last Friday. About 5% of the blade was showing above ground, and I pulled it out by that.  The circle in the picture is where the remains of the cusp are located.

Fossil Collector: Bill’s Jewelry

Location: Bowling Green, FL

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Fossil Carolina Shark teeth

I found these shark teeth while walking at low tide in SC. Carcharius (sp?)

Location: Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina

Collector: Karenne Snow

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Pleistocene shark teeth from the Caloosahatchee Formation

In some places along the Caloosahatchee River, the banks are made up of river bottom deposited by the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers' dredges. Shark teeth are the most common finds in a region is known as the Caloosahatchee Formation. The material is from the Pleistocene Epoch, which spans 10,000 to 1.8 million years.

Photo: Courtesy Mark Rentz
Location: Caloosahatchee River, Florida
Fossil Expeditions

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