Mammal fossil

I was walking on the beach looking for seashells, and saw this laying on the beach.

Measuring the fossil

I thought it was some sort of driftwood, but the shape was strange and it looked petrified. I showed it to my boyfriend who said it looked like vertebrae. Because of the color and hardness, we believe it's a fossil. Not sure what kind though!

Fossil Collector: HeathPak

Location: Carolina Beach, North Carolina

[Editor's Note: This mammal fossil looks to be the vertebrae of a seal. The exact age may be difficult to determine unless you were to know the specific geologic formation it came from, but it is likely Miocene which could mean anything from about 5-20 million years.]

5-24 million years old

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Fossil mammal tooth on a shell for scale.

Beach combing can lead to some surprising results.

Beach collected fossil tooth.

Another view of the fossil tooth.

Fossil Collector: Emily33

Location: Miramar beach, Portugal

[Editor's Note: This is a mammal tooth and our first impression is that this looks like a tapir tooth. Having said that, we're not especially knowledgeable Ice Age Portugal. Can someone else add the this? Please leave a comment.]

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Fossil mammal discovred in Tanzania

A mammal discovered near the top of a layer of flat bedded shale or slate in Tanzania. The fossil is about 40cm.

Fossil Collector: Africa Collector

Location: Tanzania

[Editor: Ok, we admit African fossil mammals are not our specialty. Is anyone familiar with fossil mammals that would like to contribute to the discussion? The collector would like to find out more about this find. Please leave a comment.]

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Fossil wooley mammoth tooth from Florida

I have found several fossil molars that belonged to Ice Age woolly mammoth and mastodon elephants at a huge construction site about thirty miles from my home. The fossils become evident in the piles of excavated dirt after a heavy rainfall. The rain rinses them off and makes them very visible to me the collector. I am submitting a photo of one of my smaller fossil molars. I haven’t photographed my largest fossil teeth yet. To date, I have found a total of twenty two fossil mammoth and mastodon molars.

Fossil Collector: joesfossil

Location: Central Florida

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The things you find on a Texas beach!

Walking the beach looking for shells and found this. Surprised to find a bovine type tooth on the beach!

Fossil Collector: pinkribbon518

Location: Galveston Beach, Texas

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