Illinois fossil mammal find.

Looks like a toe/nail or tooth of a large mammal?

An unexpected fossil bone.

Just out walking the dog in a wooded area we frequent. Took a path through the woods have never taken before. Just came across this while walking out of the woods and into a clearing. Was lightly embedded in the soil.

Fossil Collector: Kevinr

Location: Channahon, Illinois

Found in a wooded area about two hundred yards away from the I and M Canal in Channahon, Illinois. There is quite a bit of rock on either side of the canal which was dug out in the process of digging the canal over 100 years ago. This part of Illinois has primarily sedimentary rock. Not sure of the geologic period.

[In response to the editor's question regard the very straight-looking break line on the bone.]

As far as looking like a butcher cut, that was what I was thinking when I first picked it up. But this is most definitely rock. I did push at it with both an awl and knife, and there is no flexibility in that area (or any other) whatsoever. And, the large light looking piece, is sandstone. I think the point that looks like the butcher cut may be just a fracture from where it broke off of the rest of it. Wouldn’t it have taken a long time to fossilize, ruling out any kind of a butcher cut?

What you do you think? Please leave a response and help us identify this find.

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A large fossil bone find in Indiana

This bone was found in southern Indiana on the side of a hill.

Indiana fossil mammal

The bone was partially buried, thought it was a rock at first.

Fossil Hunter Bud N.

Location: Southern Indiana

Note: Possibly a large Pleistocene mammal, but possibly a large modern animal as well. Can anyone help Bud identify his find? Please leave a comment.

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Georgia tooth fossil.

I found this approx. 25 years ago along the Savannah river and it's been sitting in a jar. My son is trying to identify it for a science project.

Fossil Collector:Jenn

Location: Savannah, GA

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The streams have teeth!

"I am a lifelong collector of anything that I find interesting, as long as it's something on, or in, the ground. This particular item was found while walking in a stream looking for Upper Pennsylvanian, Carboniferous Fossils. I don't actually have to look that hard, It's the carrying out, and finding storage room." —Mark

Fossil Collector: Mark K.

Location: Stream Bed- Butler County PA

[OK, fossil collectors, it can sometimes be hard to tell when you find a unexpected tooth in a stream. Is this a modern mammal or a Pleistocene mammal fossil that washed into the stream from above the Carboniferous layers? Please leave a response.]

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Vertebrate fossil found on beach.

Bones found at surf’s edge while looking for shark’s teeth on Caspersen Beach.

Location: Caspersen Beach , Venice Florida

Fossil Collector: Mandie S.

Does anyone recognize these? The bottom fossil has an interesting shape to it that may make it possible to identify. Please leave a comment.

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