Fossil elephant tooth

A huge tooth like this one discovered in Serbia is an exciting find.

Serbian fossil Elephant tooth.

Mammoth or Mastodon?

Location: Svetozar Miletic, Serbia

Fossil Collector: Ivan K.

[Editor's note: A wonderful fossil find! This huge tooth is almost certainly that of an ancient elephant. Do any of our collectors know which species it is? Please leave a comment.]

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Umpqua River fossil tooth

Fossil tooth discovered in the S. Umpqua River.

The tooth in the river looked like a toy.

I found while rock hunting in the rapids of the river and thought it was a toy because it was so red looking. Does anyone recognize this mammal fossil?

Location: S. Umpqua River, Oregon

Fossil Collector: Early Bird

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Mammal tooth are where you find them.

A huge mammal tooth found while hunting Indian artifacts in Illinois.

Could it be a cow tooth or an Ice Age mammal?

I found this along the banks of Bureau Creek near Tiskilwa, Illinois. It is hard like a rock and seems old.

Collector: Jerry M.

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