Fossil bones from Yorkshire

My mother is from Yorkshire so we had many holidays in our childhood there and every time I would go fossil hunting with my father, found many ammonites, shell fossils but once found this.

Yorkshire fossil discovery

It used to be twice as long but my father wouldn't take it all so broke it and I chose this half.

Or a possible dinosaur vertebrae

Always wondered what it was a fossil of but never had the chance to research it before now.

Fossil Collector: Bixybee

Location: Saltburn, North Yorkshire, England

[Editor: Wow, nice find! We hate the thought of you leaving part of it behind. We are going to hope someone can provide us with a positive identification, but it looks as it you have found several vertebrae of something like a mosasaur or possibly even a dinosaur. Please leave a response if you recognize this find or just wish to comment.]

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Unopened concretion

This plain looking concretion was discovered at an Asian art estate sale. It seems that fossils are where you find them.

Unveiling the fossil

Unveiling the fish fossil: Is it an eel? Strange pointed-nose fish with no fins?

Fossil gar fish revealed

A better look reveals a gar-like fish fossil within the concretion.

Fossil Collector: JodiM

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

[Editor: We just love fossils in concretions! This looks like a type of gar fish. Knowing the location it was originally discovered will be a big help in identifying it. Fortunately, concretions often have a distinctive look. Does any one recognize this particular fish fossil concretion? Please leave a response.]

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Is this fossil ivory from Texas?

My grandpa was digging in a construction site in Texas and supposedly found a piece of a mastodon tusk.

Fossil Collector: Irish Boy

Location: Texas

[Editor: Hmm...tricky. Fossil ivory can often have this chalky, cracked appearance, but so can a number of minerals. Any fossil tusk fans out there care to leave a comment to help identify this? Fossil tusk or not?]

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Is is a large tooth fossil?

I bought it at a garage sale.

Fossil Collector: Grayson  C.

Location:  Texas

[ We are becoming a big fan of  those garage sale finds! My Fossil Find receives a lot of submissions similar to this. In general it appears to be a tooth from a modern cow, but the age is always difficult to determine. Any thoughts? ]

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A huge tooth found in a Colorado gully.

I found a huge molar in a gully of sandstone right after a heavy rainstorm in Lakewood, Colorado. Any help identifying and/or dating it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

Fossil Collector: Zacharlton

Location: Lakewood Colorado

[ The surface of this does not have the enamel appearance we would expect. It does not look "toothy" enough, but we are open to suggestions. Any ideas out there? Please leave a response. ]

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