Mussel fossil found along the Ouchita River held in palm of my hand.

Found along the Ouchita River.

Another view of the fossil mussel.

We found it laying on the ground in a rock pile.

Fossil Collector: BruceA

Location: Ouchita River, Louisiana

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Calcite filled fossil clam casts

Fossil clam casts with calcite crystals.

Calcite fills the cavity of ancient Florida clams.

I love nature and anything historical and old. I walk around looking down for anything unusual or beautiful. I hold the fossil in my hand wondering what it is, where it came from, and I feel like I may be the only person to pay any attention to this one thing from the past that once was as alive as I am now. I must take it home.

Fossil Collector: Kimberly A.

Location: Construction sites near Tampa, FL

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Fossil orthoceras

I took my two boys camping next to a little creek just upstream from the Illinois River. Five minutes after setting up camp my oldest son found this about 20ft off shore.

Orthoceras fossil closeup

Closeup view of the fossil.

Measuring the orthoceras

It looks like a snake to us, but we aren't sure.

Fossil Collector: Frawley78

Location: Illinois River tributary, Illinois

[Editor's Note: Beautiful find! As you might have guessed from the title, what you found is actually an orthoceras fossil. Orthoceras are cephalopod relatives of the squid and what you are seeing is a cross section of their long spiral shell. Search  for Orthoceras in the search box above and you will see other examples to compare it with.]

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Is it a fossil?

Found while hiking in Nova Scotia about 12 years ago. I don't know anything about it or where it was found specifically. The white and black go right through.

Fossil Collector: StephanieL

Location: Nova Scotia

[Editor's Note: It looks like it could be a shell fossil, but we are not ruling out a mineral formation. Any ideas?]

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Backyard fossil coral

I found it cutting grass in the backyard. What is it?

Fossil Collector: Widjaman

Location: East Central Alabama

[Editor's Note: Looks to be a large fossil coral. Any Alabama fossil collector care to help us out?]

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