Fossil tree fern

Found under a mountain near Buffalo Creek and Rum Creek Elevation 2500-2800 found by coal miner.

Fossil Collector: Ruandsue

Location: West Virginia

[Huge fossil! Possibly a species of lepidodendron or scale tree which were abundant in the Pennsylvanian Period. Can anyone tell us the particular species?]


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A one time fossil find?

Found them when I was 9-10 and I have not found any more since.

Possible echinoderm spines.

They were found with my shark teeth.

Fossil Collector: jandjself

Location: Lamar County, Texas

[Note: Fossil identified in the comments.]

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Is this tooth a fossil or a modern animal?

I found this tooth in a creek bed where I have found arrow heads and mini balls and am curious to know what it is.

Fossil Collector: Rob Q

Location: Vicksburg, MS

[We get a great many pictures of large mammal teeth sent in to My Fossil Find. Most turn out to be the teeth of modern cattle, but they always generate great interest because of their size so we will post another. This one appears wider than most. What do you think? Ice Age animal or modern mammal? Please leave a response.]

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Fossil mammal discovred in Tanzania

A mammal discovered near the top of a layer of flat bedded shale or slate in Tanzania. The fossil is about 40cm.

Fossil Collector: Africa Collector

Location: Tanzania

[Editor: Ok, we admit African fossil mammals are not our specialty. Is anyone familiar with fossil mammals that would like to contribute to the discussion? The collector would like to find out more about this find. Please leave a comment.]

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Fossil found in a Alberta field

Fossil discovered in a Drumhellar field.

Fossil Collector: Joe

Location: Drumhellar Alberta, Canada

[Note: Drumhellar gets a lot of attention for dinosaurs, but there is more there to be discovered. This appears to be part of the internal cast of an ammonite shell.]

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