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Shark Teeth, Trilobite and Fossil Rubber Stamps

Fossil Stamps
Butter Side Down

Butter Side Down stamps are high quality rubber art stamps featuring amazing images from the Paleozoic past. The stamps are beautifully crafted and detailed and a sure delight for fossil enthusiasts of all sorts. Each stamp is made in the USA with wood mounts from sustainable harvest maple of exceptional quality. Butter Side Down is powered by wind and solar energy and supports the use of sustainable harvest products.

Shark Teeth, Trilobites, Eurypterids and other Fossils…I want ‘em! Skip to our Butter Side Down Stamps website!.


A total of twelve amazing trilobites including: Harpes, Acidaspis and Lichas on 2.5 x 2 inch wood mounts and Phacops latifrons and Trinucleus set on on 2.5 x 2 inch wood mounts.

Trilobite rubber stamps set 1

Five of the most amazing trilobites to swim the Paleozoic seas.

More Trilobites!

Own five more of the coolest trilobites to ever go extinct including: Triarthus and Cheirurus  set on 2.5 x 2 inch wood mounts and Phacops rana, Agnosstrus and Ampyx set on 2 x 1.5 inch wood mounts.

 Triarthus, Cherirurus, Phacops rana, Agnostrus and Ampyx rubebr stamps

Collect all of our exciting trilobite rubber stamps or order a second set for a friend.

Look! There’s more of those trilobite things down here!

Ceraurus and Dalmanites trilobite stamps

Crawling from a fossil sea near you! Ceraurus and Dalmanites set on 2.5 x 2 inch wood mounts return to the world in stamp form from Butter Side Down.

Shark Teeth:

Our wood-mounted shark teeth stamps include the mighty Carcharodon megalodon 3 x 2.5 inch; Tiger Shark 2 x 1.5 inch; Notidonus 2 x 1.5 inch and Hemipristis 2 x 1.5 inch.

Fossil Shark Teeth Rubber stamps: Carcharodon megalodon, Tiger shark, Notidonus, Hemipristis

Prowl with the ancient sea's apex predator—the shark.

Shark teeth rubber stamps: Lamna, Extinct Mackeral Shark, Hybodus

Bite into these other fossil shark teeth: Lamna 2 x 2.5 inch, Extinct Mackeral Shark 2 x 1.5 inch and Hybodus 1.5 x 1.5 inch.

Eurypterids and other Fossils:

Butter Side Down has a feast of other fossil rubber stamps for you including:

Fossil rubber stamps: Eurypterid Stylonurus, Eurypterid Fischeri and Ecphora

Eurypterids and the Miocene fossil shell Ecphora are some of our most popular stamps.

Eurypterids Stylonurus and Fischeri and Ecphora are all mounted on 2.5 x 2 wood blocks.

Fossil stamps Archaeopteryx, Green River Fossil Fish Priscacara, Ammonite and Brachiopod.

Capture the excitement of fossils for you and your friends!

Fossil rubber stamps Archaeopteryx 3 x 2.5 inch, Green River Fossil Fish Priscacara 3 x 2.5 inch, Ammonite 2 x 1.5 inch and Brachiopod 2 x 1.5 inch.

Give the gift of fossils!

Wholesale inquires welcome.

Proceed to the Butter Side Down Stamps website.

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