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Photo Submission Guidelines welcomes pictures of fossils needing identification, exciting fossil finds and prize possessions, field trips and other fossil-related photos. Please observe the following guidelines and terms of use.

  • You must be the photographer and own all rights to any submitted photograph.
  • Limit you submission to one to three pictures at a time. Make them your best. Not all pictures can be accepted for posting. Please do not take offense if your picture is not used. The photograph must relevant and clear enough for others to see.
  • If you are photographing a specimen, make the pictures as close and as clear as possible. A blurry or distant photo will not be easy to identify. Include relevant facts if they are know. Location and geologic formation are a major factor in identification.
  • If you are sending a field trip or museum shot, the location and subject must be noted.  We love museums and want to help promote their exhibits.
  • All locations and specimens must be legally obtained. Fossil collecting has gotten a bad enough reputation over the years without anyone here adding to it. People have gone to jail for this and My Fossil Find only advocates legal collecting and responsible land use.
  • If a child appears in the shot, you must be the minor’s parent or legal guardian. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this.
  • Please include a suggested headline and caption information with the photograph. There is no set size for the information, but it may be edited for clarity and/or brevity. Please don’t send thousands of words because a much briefer description will be used.
  • Please read our terms of use below of use before you submit a photograph.
  • We welcome submissions from museums and fossil-related businesses if relevant and non-commercial.

Terms of Use

My Fossil Find has made an effort to simplify the terms and work with it’s contributors and not against them. Please do not send pictures that you have not taken yourself.  You retain the rights to your photograph.

By sending the picture, you are granting My Fossil Find permission to the image on the internet. That means that My Fossil Find and Butterside Down have permission to use the image on our websites and any advertising related to our websites. It also means that the image may be shared with other blogs, social networks such as Facebook and MySpace and shared to friends via email through our websites, RSS and other newsfeeds. When a photograph is accepted, My Fossil Find will stamp it with our imprint and logo to protect both you and My Fossil Find so the picture source can be identified. You also affirm that all locations and/or specimens photographed are legally obtained and without trespass or infringement of property rights. You also grant and other Butter Side Down websites permission to crop the photograph if needed and edit text as needed for the website use.
By sending any photograph and associated written materials including captions, title and email, I certify and acknowledge that I am the sole owner of these materials and have the exclusive right to permit their use. I am the legal parent or guardian of any and all minors that appear in the photograph.
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2 Responses to “Photo Submission Guidelines”

  1. Gerry "me again" Sprengle says:

    What is your definition of fossils that may be submitted? Is it a strict definition of fossils or are you accepting old artifacts as well? For example, are Indian arrowheads and other tools being included? Or, do you just want fossilized remains of once living plants, animals, or related life forms?

  2. Scott says:

    Fossils need to be fossils by definition. As you pointed out, they must be the remains or trace of an organism (i.e. imprint, foot print, etc) and as a general rule of thumb over 10,000 years old. This will exclude most if not all human artifacts. For the purposes of this website, no human artifact will be considered a fossil. It is possible that some will be mistakenly posted at some point as a “fossil” for identification, but that is within the spirit of this website. I expect more than one rock or mineral will be submitted later as a mistaken fossil and their inclusion will be instructive. It is very easy to misidentify things especially when you are first starting out as a fossil hunter.

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