Backyard fossil coral

I found it cutting grass in the backyard. What is it?

Fossil Collector: Widjaman

Location: East Central Alabama

[Editor's Note: Looks to be a large fossil coral. Any Alabama fossil collector care to help us out?]

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The imprint of an Alabama fossil horn coral

Found along creek while riding a 4-wheeler.

Fossil Collector: Grady B

Location: North Alabama

[Editor: Alabama sure has a lot of coral! This is the imprint from the top of a fossil horn coral. Use the search box to locate other views of horn coral here on My Fossil Find.]

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Alabama beehive coral fossil

Found while my wife and I were walking along a creek.

Fossil collector: Grady

Location: North Alabama

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Alabama bryozoa

Found while riding ATV with my wife along creek bank.

Alabama brachiopod fossil

Marine fossil from northern Alabama

Fossil collector: Grady B

Location: Northern Alabama

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Fossil crinoids frm Alabama

Dad was plowing a field with his tractor and unearthed what he thought was a rock, but it was a cluster of fossils. Looks to be from an ancient seabed. Strange it being in North Alabama.

Fossil Collector: Danmanua

Location: Tuscumbia, AL

[Editor's Note: These are fossil crinoid stems, a relative of the starfish although they resemble plants. You can likely see a few other examples by searching the keyword crinoid on this website. The fossil location is far inland now, but I encourage you to find out how far the vast inland sea extended into ancient North America. I think you will be amazed. The world was very different then.]

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