Peeble Beach crab fossil

I was on a trip with my grandparents who are from Minnesota and we did some rock collecting.

Fossil Collector: Chris N.

Location: Pebble Beach, California

[Editor's Note:  Our first thought was that this is just a bit of conglomerate rock, but that triangular shape in the lower left looked a bit too familiar. It appears to be the apron on a female crab. We are looking a the bottom of the fossil crab with the apron in the middle and sections of carapace on either side. A bit of the rear flipper leg projects from the bottom right of the shell. Nice fossil find!]

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Fossil Fish fry

Sometimes fossil finds are especially unexpected. This fish was discovered in a storage unit. It looks like it might be in a concretion rather than split from limestone. Does anyone recognize the type of fish?

Fossil Hunter: Turtle

Location: California storage unit

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