Is it a fossil?

Found while hiking in Nova Scotia about 12 years ago. I don't know anything about it or where it was found specifically. The white and black go right through.

Fossil Collector: StephanieL

Location: Nova Scotia

[Editor's Note: It looks like it could be a shell fossil, but we are not ruling out a mineral formation. Any ideas?]

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Fossil found in a Alberta field

Fossil discovered in a Drumhellar field.

Fossil Collector: Joe

Location: Drumhellar Alberta, Canada

[Note: Drumhellar gets a lot of attention for dinosaurs, but there is more there to be discovered. This appears to be part of the internal cast of an ammonite shell.]

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Great Lakes trilobite fragment

We go to Lake Huron for the long weekend and one part of the beach has lots of trilobites. This year we found this fossil which we can't identify.

Fossil Collector: Keehan

Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

[Editor: Trilobites shed their shells periodically just as modern crustaceans do today. What you have likely found here is a fragment of shell that is missing the head and tail sections of the trilobite. Can any trilobite collectors tell us the specific species?]

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A lucky trilobite find

While near a stream in London, Ontario my daughter and I were checking for crayfish and low and behold we pulled up this rock and it had the bones of a fossil still intact. We have been wondering if it is normal to have bone attached to the rock, and what type of fossil it is? Can anyone ID this fossil for me so I can share it with my daughters?

Fossil Collector: Dave B.

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

[Editor: A very nice find! What you see here are the shells of fossil crustaceans called trilobites. Your daughter may not have found the crustacean she was looking for, but we like this one even more. It is not unusual to find trilobites embedded in the rock this way, in fact, these are very clean and well exposed from the rock. The tail end has a distinctive pattern and we will hazard a guess that is is the trilobite Pseudogygites canadensis. When it warms up, you should go look for some more! ]

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Unknown fossils crawl through this rock like worms

Strange rock son picked up at random from rocky river bed.

Cameron, noticed what a strange rock he found.

Went on a family outing to the river with the kids. The boys started hunting for good rocks for me to skip across the water when my 5 year old, Cameron, noticed what a strange rock he found.

Fossil Hunter: CodyH

Location: North Saskatchewan River near Devon, Alberta, Canada

[Editor: We'll see if we can get some Alberta collectors to comment with specifics, but at first look, they appear to be the stems of fossil crinoids or "sea lilies." These stems are responsible for many weird-looking fossils. Type crinoid  the search box at the top to see a few more of these tricky fossils including another one from Alberta!]

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