Possible Alberta crinoid fossil

15 years ago whilst hand drilling an 8 inch hole for fence post this rock was partially obstructing about 1.5 feet down. I hand dug the rock out and threw it aside. lol

Fossil Collector: Bernard O.

Location: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

[Note: This resembles a crinoid fossil, but maybe a fossil collector can help us get a better identification for Bernard O. Please leave a response if you have a suggestion!

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A strange fossil discovered by accident.

The fossil seems to have many long and thick tentacles that look a bit ribbed. Many of the tentacles seem to merge to a head shaped formation similar to a brain with the whole body akin to a jellyfish. However, the whole structure doesn't seem to be like any jellyfish I have ever seen.

The specimen is about 6 x 3 feet. My parents were building their house in Montreal and a worker was cutting stone and laying the pieces around the pool. He dropped one of the stones and it cracked to reveal the fossil. Right now the stone is so large it remains outside and with the weather it seems to be eroding over time.

Fossil Collector: Michael M.

Location: Montreal, Canada

[Editor: A curious find, can anyone help to identify it? What do you think: jellyfish? Arthropod tracks? Crinoids? Please leave a comment.]

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Is this a dinosaur egg?

British Columbia dinosaur egg

I was wondering what this is ( assuming it is a dinosaur egg ). Found this in interior British Columbia in a coal mining area. Was told it was a natural formation which is sometimes found, but I doubt the source of that. Could you please ID it for me. Would it be worth cutting it open to see if there was anything inside?

Location: British Columbia

Collector/Photo: Murphy

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