Front view of the fossil fish scales

In approximately 1980, I was actively looking for fossils and found this on the side of my home in a pile of rocks that was brought there as decorative landscape.

Back view of the fossil fish

With some research, the source could likely be tracked down. There appears to be a large bone and feathers or scales (back view).

Fossil collector: Ttischer

Location: Independence, Colorado

[Editor: Nice find! We love fossil fish and that is almost certainly a tail section of a fish. It looks a bit like a lobe finned fish, a relative of the coelacanth. Since the rocks were transported, identifying where they came from may be critical to identifying the fossil. Can anyone here offer some clues?]

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A huge tooth found in a Colorado gully.

I found a huge molar in a gully of sandstone right after a heavy rainstorm in Lakewood, Colorado. Any help identifying and/or dating it would be greatly appreciated.

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

I wouldn't wanna get bitten by this....

Fossil Collector: Zacharlton

Location: Lakewood Colorado

[ The surface of this does not have the enamel appearance we would expect. It does not look "toothy" enough, but we are open to suggestions. Any ideas out there? Please leave a response. ]

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What are they? I have no clue?

I got these yesterday at an auction in Eaton, CO. I couldn't pass them up, but I don't know what they are. What are they? I have no clue?

From: Rhonda M.

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