Fossil coral shaped like a golf ball

I found this on family farm. 4 inches long, 2 inches tall at tallest point.Most of the Round surfaces have visible capillaries and the flat side has dimpled golf ball like surface where it appears the capillaries come out at a 90 degree angle from plane of flat surface.

Fossil Collector: Buddy M

Location: Central Ohio farm field

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Coral is where you find it, even in Iowa.

Collectors find fossil coral in the sediment of Iowa.

Location: Waterloo, Iowa

Fossil Collector: Robert S.

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Fossil coral of Michigan

Michigan fossil coral

These fossilized corals wound in Gaylord, Michigan. They are approximately 250 million years old from the Michigan Basin.

Bob’s a man of few words, but he is a collecting machine!

Location: Gaylord, Michigan

Fossil Collector: Robert S.

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My first fossils

There is a reason these common fossils are the first photo posted on this blog. These crinoid, coral and horn coral fossil are the first fossils I collected many years ago near my home in New Jersey. Coral fossils are abundant in the yellow stones of the Kirkwood Formation. They whet my appetite for fossils throughout my life. 

Photo: Scott S

Coral Fossils: Kirkwood Formation, NJ

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