Daily fossil catch

Fishing for fossils yields a crystal conch shell.

Fossil conch or whelk shell.

Another view of the fossil conch or whelk shell.

Fossil Collector: Alex B.

Location: Florida

[Editor: Beautiful find and an interested method of fossil collecting! Florida is well-noted for calcite crystal encrusted shell fossil like this whelk or conch. Very interesting both as a fossil an for display. Similar fossil are found more conventionally at the Drum Point Crystal Mine and throughout the state.]

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Calcite filled fossil clam casts

Fossil clam casts with calcite crystals.

Calcite fills the cavity of ancient Florida clams.

I love nature and anything historical and old. I walk around looking down for anything unusual or beautiful. I hold the fossil in my hand wondering what it is, where it came from, and I feel like I may be the only person to pay any attention to this one thing from the past that once was as alive as I am now. I must take it home.

Fossil Collector: Kimberly A.

Location: Construction sites near Tampa, FL

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Fossil Florida gastropod

Straight from a Florida, Pliocene near you, the Caloosahatchee Formation reveals many well-preserved fossil shells like this Strombus alatus.

Fossil Collector: Karenne S

Location: Caloosahatchee Formation, Florida

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Fossil wooley mammoth tooth from Florida

I have found several fossil molars that belonged to Ice Age woolly mammoth and mastodon elephants at a huge construction site about thirty miles from my home. The fossils become evident in the piles of excavated dirt after a heavy rainfall. The rain rinses them off and makes them very visible to me the collector. I am submitting a photo of one of my smaller fossil molars. I haven’t photographed my largest fossil teeth yet. To date, I have found a total of twenty two fossil mammoth and mastodon molars.

Fossil Collector: joesfossil

Location: Central Florida

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Fossil shells abound in Florida

The Pliocene shell Strombus alatus from the bountiful Caloosahatchie Formation. Peninsular Florida simply abounds with fossils.

Fossil Collector: Karenne Snow

Location: Florida

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