Huge fossil shark teeth

Some nice teeth my wife and I found diving off Venice, Florida.

Fossil Collector: Gary H.

Location: Venice, Florida

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Bone Valley Shark Tooth Fossil

Angustidens shark tooth from the Bone Valley Formation of Florida.

My find of the day last Friday. About 5% of the blade was showing above ground, and I pulled it out by that.  The circle in the picture is where the remains of the cusp are located.

Fossil Collector: Bill’s Jewelry

Location: Bowling Green, FL

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Florida fossil clam

Found Treasure Coast area, Florida.. Fossil Clam? Dug it out of the driveway, tons of shells and coral on our lot.

Fossil Collector: Jamie I.

Location: Treasure Coast, FL

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Fossil clam shell

Florida fossil clam

I was going on my morning walk/swim yesterday and spotted this shell in the surf. I am new to the area, and to Fossil hunting. I think I am completely hooked.

Location: Point of Rocks, Sarasota, FL

Fossil Collector: AnnP

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Vertebrate fossil found on beach.

Bones found at surf’s edge while looking for shark’s teeth on Caspersen Beach.

Location: Caspersen Beach , Venice Florida

Fossil Collector: Mandie S.

Does anyone recognize these? The bottom fossil has an interesting shape to it that may make it possible to identify. Please leave a comment.

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