Fossil mandible found in Florida.

Perhaps it is a Tiny Mandible? "This was found along the shore at Madeira Beach Florida during a sudden rain storm on 7-18-10. At first we thought it was a small tooth of some kind, but on closer examination with a magnifying glass it resembled a tiny mandible! There appears to be a single tooth socket at the rear of the bone. It is totally unusual!"

florida fossilAnother vire of fossil mandible

Submitted by Johnny W.

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Fossil anatee rib with bite mark

This fossil manatee rib has a conical mark right through the bone. The shape of the mark looks distinctly rounded like a crocodile or whale bite, but manatee manatee bone is very dense so I wonder if it could be something else. Could this cone-shape hole have been drilled by a mollusk or other animal? The rib bone is about 2 inches long and the "bite mark about 1/2 inch wide and an inch deep. Anyone have any ideas about this?

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Unknown fossil mammal tooth from Florida

I need some help with this one from some Florida fossil hunters. I found this Pliocene mammal tooth in the Gardinier Phosphate Mine (later the Cargill Mine) and it is likely from the Bone Valley Formation. You've got to love that formation name! It was legally collected many years ago, but I have never had a proper ID on it. The tooth is about 3/4 of an inch long, although the end is broken. Does anyone recognize it?

mystery florida tooth fossil

Another view of the same tooth.

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fossil shark teeth collection

Like so many people both before me and after me, I found my first vertebrate fossils sifting the sands of Venice Beach, Florida. Shark teeth have been my favorite find ever since. Love that dentition.

Photo: Scott S.

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