Beautifully preserved fossil plants

Found this one near Elephant Butte in Owyhee County, ID and South of Sommercamp Road.

Fossil Collector: Todd J.

Location: Owyhee County, Idaho

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Fossil wood from the plains of Idaho looks like driftwood.

These pieces of fossil wood from the Bruneau area of southern Idaho look like pieces of driftwood. The petrified wood weathers of out buttes and badlands in the area and is probably Miocene in age. Much of southern Idaho was covered by ash falls from the eruptions of the Bruneau-Jarbridge volcano about that time which likely helped to preserve the wood. Microscopic diatom fossils on the surface confirm that they were floating around in some river or lake ages ago. The fossils are about 3 -4 inches long.

Location: Near Bruneau, Idaho

Collector: Scott Stepanski

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