Orthoceras Nautiloid, I believe. Found in a nearby creek bed in West Central Indiana. One of my coolest finds. I think it was one of the larger species as it measures 3' across, 2 1/2 thick, and 6' long.

Fossil Collector: Joe H.

Location: West Central Indiana

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Crystal encrusted find

We're not sure if Bud's Indiana mineral find started out as a fossil coral or clam, but it looked so nice we wanted to post it anyway. If you are familiar with Indiana geology, please leave a comment to help us identify it.

Fossil Collector: Bud N.

Location: Indiana

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Possible Petrified wood from Indiana.

This mystery specimen was found in an eroded gully on a farm in Southeast Indiana. It could be petrified wood, fossil coral or a mineral formation. Anyone familiar with Indiana fossils out there that can offer an opinion? Please click the comment button and let us hear from you.

Is it Inndiana Petrified wood?

Close up of the mystery specimen.

Collector: James L.

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