Hmmm...well, it's odd looking.

Found while hand digging a hole for a koi fish pond in my back yard.

Fossil Collector: TimW

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

[Edtor: We're are not even sure this is a fossil, but it is certainly odd. There do appear to be fossil crinoids surrounding it. Have an idea? Please leave a response.]

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A brachiopod fossil discovery

I found this in eastern Kansas or western Missouri. However, it was on a gravel road, and I’m not sure where the quarry the gravel came from is located. Based on my scant knowledge of shells I’m calling it a brachiopod, but I’m not too sure. Any help with identifying it or its age would be greatly appreciated!

Fossil collecting on a Girl Scout trip is better than snores!

Found this on a Girl Scout camping trip. While the other girls were playing with each other's hair and making s’mores, I was fossil hunting!

Fossil Collector: AmandaZ
Location: Near Kansas/Missouri Border

Any Kansas Brachiopod collectors care to leave a comment to help AmandaZ identify this fossil?

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Fossil fern leaves in red Kansas rock

Beautiful Kansas fern fossils reveal delicate leaves preserved in stone.

A selection of fern fossils from the fossil collection trip

A plant fossil treasure trove.

prehistoric plant bark

A piece of prehistoric bark is a tantalizing fossil. If there are some Kansas fossil hunters out there or fossil fern collectors, please post your comment to help identify these finds.

Location: Northeastern Kansas

The area is a near a man-made reservoir in NE Kansas. My hiking bud and I were doing just that, or planning on it: nice afternoon fall hike in the woods along a lake. We hadn’t made it far before I found a piece. Well, being the rock hounds we are, we spent most of our daylight looking for more fossils.

Farther down the lake shore there are a great many more rocks that I would assume may yield even more, larger and nicer specimens of fossils, but that’s for another day and a pair of rock hammers [for the] Kansas sandstone/limestone chert hillside. We have had many such fossil hikes but none that yielded ferns till now. Of course we will go back!

Collector: Sadie J.

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A fossil cycad from kansas?

What is this strange find from northeastern Kansas? Is it fossil fern bark or the outside of a fossil cycad? Is there someone familiar with Kansas plant fossils that can help us out?

Location: Northeastern Kansas

Collector: Sadie J.

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