Kentucky fossil worm burrows?

Fossil tree roots or worm burrows? I found this fossil when we were doing some dozer and excavator work, and found it very unusual. We found several large pieces, some of the rocks/fossils were 18 inches wide and about 18 inches long, it appears to be possibly tree roots or something, am completely stumped and wanted to see if anyone else could identify. I've researched it a little more and I think it seems to be a trace fossil burrow similar to Thalassinoides.

Does anyone recognize this? Please leave a response.

Fossil Collector: JessicaW

Location: Eastern Kentucky

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Sea Lily

Crinoid found in Paducah, Kentucky. Crinoids, although often referred to as sea lily, are are not plant fossils. Crinoids are actually echinoderms— relatives of the starfish and sea urchin.

Fossil Collector: Robert S.
Location: Paducah, Kentucky

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A  fossil cephalopod revealed in Kentucky rock.

Kentucky rock reveals a fossil cephalopod from the Ordovician Period. The specimen, yet to be prepared, is about 4 inches long and quite a large object to lug around!

Location: Northern Kentucky

Fossil Collector: Karenne Snow

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A picture of the mystery fossil

Can anyone please tell me what this is? It was found on a hill here in Bullitt County, Kentucky about 28 miles south of Louisville.

Fossil Collector: Rachael W.

Location: Bullitt County, KY.

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kentucky coral fossil

14 lb. unbroken coral found in Bath County, KY.

Bath County fossil coral.

Can anyone help identify largelar fossil find?

Collector: KentuckyKathy

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