Orthoceras Nautiloid, I believe. Found in a nearby creek bed in West Central Indiana. One of my coolest finds. I think it was one of the larger species as it measures 3' across, 2 1/2 thick, and 6' long.

Fossil Collector: Joe H.

Location: West Central Indiana

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Fossil squid from New Jersey

Cretaceous belemnites are a typical find at Big Brook, New Jersey. Big Brook is a classic New Jersey fossil collecting that has treated collectors for more than 100 years. Belemnites are the internal shells of Cretaceous Period squid. The teeming cephalopod schools must have filled the ancient seas. The fossil belemnites are a rich amber-colored calcite that is nearly translucent at times. This specimen is about 4.5 inches long.

Fossil Collector: Dusty S.

Location: Big Brook, New Jersey

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Beach fossil

Twisted Crabs in a beach rock.

Fossil crab

The piece is about 3.5 inch in any direction. I was metal detecting on the beach in the low surf when I saw this rock tumbling back towards the sea. It’s odd shape caught my eye so I picked it up placed it in my finds bag and continued on. Later at home when I really looked is when I saw the fossils within.

Location: Seaside Park, NJ

Fossil Collector: Rich G.

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Coral is where you find it, even in Iowa.

Collectors find fossil coral in the sediment of Iowa.

Location: Waterloo, Iowa

Fossil Collector: Robert S.

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Moroccan Orthoceras found at a sale

A little change up in our fossil collecting this week with this polished specimen found at a charity sale.

Close up of the squid fossil

Close up of the polished fossil sphere.

Collector: Jonsey

I know absolutely nothing about fossils or rocks, but I bought this in a local charity shop because it looked interesting and unusual. It weighs between five and six kilos, I photographed it next to a £1 coin to show the scale. I would be grateful if anyone could give me some information about it. i.e., is it granite or marble or neither?

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