State fossil of Maryland

Ecphora quadricostata

A shell fossil discovered near Calvert Cliffs, Maryland.

Calvert Ciffs is only one of many fossil locations in Maryland. This beautiful ecphora quadricostata was discovered at Chesapeake Beach (formerly called Randle Cliffs). This ecphora specimen is about 2 inches long. Ecphora quadricostata is the State Fossil of Maryland.

Collector: Karenne Snow

Location: Chesapeake Beach, MD

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miocene shell fossils from maryland

These Eocene Turritella plebia shells are, I believe, from the Choptank Formation. The thinner shells are tusk shells named for their obvious shape. I do not know the species. I found them washing around in the waves of Solomons Island, Maryland.

Photo: Scott S

Location: Solomons Island, MD

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