An odd looking coral fossil?

My 9 year old son found this rock with what looks like a fossil in it. He found it at Thornell Road in Pittsford, NY, among gravel. I am not sure if it is local or may have been brought in the gravel from elsewhere. If you can provide your thoughts on whether it is a fossil, and if so what it could be, I am sure he would be delighted to know.

Fossil Collector: ZiaM

Location: Pittsford, NY

[ This looks like the edge of a horn corn, but we are certainly open to fresh ideas on this one. Can anyone help us identify this? Please leave a response. ]

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Fossils in limestone

There has to be 1000's of creatures preserved in this rock. I probably walked over it 100 times before I actually took a close look at it. I am at/close to the intersection of the Clarendon fault line and the Niagara escarpment.

Fossil Hunter: James H.

Location: Clarendon, NY

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Brachiopod imprint fossil

New York brachiopod fossil

New York Brachiopod fossils.

Fossil Collector: LT

Location: Haverstraw Bay, New York

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A possibe fish fossil from Montauk

I'm wondering if anybody here might be able to help me out. I found this on the deserted, rocky, ocean beach on the south side of Montauk, NY, a little ways east of Ditch Plain, about four miles west of Montauk Point, some years back. I recognized right away that it appeared to be the upper jaw/skull of some kind of marine creature, but had no idea what.

ventral skull of fishAnother view of the fish skull

Location: Near Montauk Point, NY

Collector: Seth

Editor’s note: Seth, this is almost certainly part of a fish skull. Fish bones take on a very strange appearance when no longer attached to the fish. Most likely this is the ventral portion of the skull which would be right above the roof of the fish’s mouth. It is hard to tell from a photograph, but the bone is very white and not the dark color you would expect from a fossil. It is possible that it is the bone of a large modern fish. Please leave a comment if you know more about Seth’s find.

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