Petrified wood fossils

I got two ID’s on this. One guy said fossilized wood. Other guy said fossilized wood casts....where the wood rots away and is replaced by minerals. Either way I knew it was related to some kind of fossil wood. Largest piece is about 2" long. I found this on one of my arrowhead sites. I find a lot of this stuff in one specific spot. —Buddy

Fossil Hunter: Buddy

Location: Central Ohio

[Well, let's try a mash up just to spark conversation so we will add fossil root casts as another alternative. Would anyone like to leave a response in favor of any of these?]

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Ordovician invertebrate fossils

A slab of Ordovician age limestone with a relatively large (for this area) unidentified fossil. It was found while hiking along a tributary to the Little Miami River in Warren County Ohio. The fossil is approximately 18cm long and 5cm in diameter. The surface is smooth and the exposed ends do not show any discernible internal structure. Any help identifying it would be appreciated. Arnheim or Waynesville Formation.

Fossil Collector: Geofowl

Location: Warren County, Ohio

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Possible criniod fossil

Shrimp or lobster ancestor? Note the U shaped flaps! Never seen those before! I was riding down the bike trail with my grandson who unfortunately fell and when I stopped to help I noticed the fossil. I picked up my grandson, who fortunately was not hurt, along with the strange fossil.

Collector: Richard B.

Location: Loveland, Ohio

[Editor's note: Overall, it looks like a crinoid fossil to us. The "flaps" may be a section that has simply been cut away from the rest, but we won't rule out your crustacean theory. Anyone else recognize this fossil? Please leave a response.]

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My Fossil Find gets many submissions that we cannot identify or that are curious and interesting, but not fossils. We try to let senders know about the ones we are certain are not fossils, others are more vexing. We will try to catch up on a few of those here before we run out of 2012.  If you can identify any of these discoveries, please leave a response and help us out.

Cincinatti fossil discoveryI Found this fossil about 50 years ago in southern Ohio. It is approximately 7″ long. Have kept it all these years and always assumed it was some sort of animal. but I guess it could also be an ancient plant of some type. I would like to know if anyone can positively identify it for me.

Fossil Collector: MarkS

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Marine Mammal ear bone

Beach find 2011

[Editor's note: We do know that this one is the ear bone of a modern marine mammal such as a dolphin or seal. An interesting find regardless and we post it here because they are a fairly common find both modern and fossil and of interest to collectors looking to identify their find.]

Fossil Collector: catzeyezuk

Location: Overstrand beach, Norfolk Coast, United Kingdom

Unknown fossil

Not Horn Coral? Found in Sycamore Creek looking for silt concretions.

Fossil Collector: RB

Location: Remington, Ohio

Stange Ohio stone?

Worm trails?

Fossil Collector: RB

Location: Little Miami River, Love land, Ohio

Fossil mammal jaw?

Tiny Jaw Bone with flat teeth. What type of animal was this?

[Editor's note: Wissahickon Creek's geology is not known for fossils, but the shape of this is similar to a small mammal jaw. It could be just an oddly shaped rock or even an ice age or modern mammal.]

Fossil Collector: Kramchris

Location: Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Possible gastropod

Possible gastropod? Looks like a cashew or one of my dogs claws.

Fossil Collector: ECHanson

Location: Mississippi

Serpentine rock?I I keep finding this type of fossil.  Sometimes on the shore of Lake Michigan, other times just in my landscaping rocks.

Fossil Collector: NikkiL

Location: Lower Michigan

 Odd concretion?

Turtle-like stone. Odd concretion?

Fossil Collector:  mke

Location: Genesee County, Michigan

Thank you everyone. We love seeing your finds and best wishes for 2013 from My Fossil Find!

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Fossil coral shaped like a golf ball

I found this on family farm. 4 inches long, 2 inches tall at tallest point.Most of the Round surfaces have visible capillaries and the flat side has dimpled golf ball like surface where it appears the capillaries come out at a 90 degree angle from plane of flat surface.

Fossil Collector: Buddy M

Location: Central Ohio farm field

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