Creek side horn coral fossils

Horn Coral found in Obanion Creek along with fossil coral that was part rock and part glass (big mystery).

Location: Loveland, Ohio

Fossil Collector: RB

[Editor's note: A possible answer to the glass mystery is that part of external fossil surface can wear away revealing the calcite mineral interior which is often a clear, glassy yellow/yellow-brown or even greenish color).]

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Could this be an ammonite internal cast?

I found this in a creek bed in Southern Ohio, I am curious as to what it is.

Fossil hunter: jack-a-lope

Location: Southern Ohio

[Editor's Note: We are not certain about this one. It may or may not be a fossil, but it does remind us of the internal structure of an ammonite shell. Any ideas Ohio fossil collectors? Please leave a response.]

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Sometimes a mineral can look llike a fossil.

This was found behind my father in law's cabin in the woods, in a pile of rocks next to a creek. Not entirely sure if this is a fossil but I would suspect that it is a clutch of eggs. I have found numerous, large crinoid stem fossils (they appear to be carboniferous) in the same area every time I go out on a fossil hunt. If it were from the same general time frame, I'd suspect it to be a clutch of early reptile eggs. However, this is only an amateur's guess.

Fossil Collector: Andy C.

Location: Hocking County, Ohio

[Editor's Note: This sort of thing fools collectors all the time. It is almost certainly a mineral formation like goethite or hematite or other sedimentary formation. Perhaps someone familiar with the minerals of Ohio can leave a comment to be more specific. I'd like to point out that, although not a fossil, it is still a very interesting find and worth taking a look at.]

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A fossil found in in an Ohio creek

I took the grandkids on fossil hunting trip and found this rock with several fossils in it.

Location: Caesar’s Creek, Southern Ohio

Fossil Collector: Gary C.

[This is possibly a section of Crinoid, an echinoderm relative of the starfish, but perhaps an Ohio fossil collector can give us a better identification. Please leave a response to help us.]

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