Fossil mammal tooth on a shell for scale.

Beach combing can lead to some surprising results.

Beach collected fossil tooth.

Another view of the fossil tooth.

Fossil Collector: Emily33

Location: Miramar beach, Portugal

[Editor's Note: This is a mammal tooth and our first impression is that this looks like a tapir tooth. Having said that, we're not especially knowledgeable Ice Age Portugal. Can someone else add the this? Please leave a comment.]

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Possible fossil tooth found in Portugal

Fossil tooth found in Portugal (in a place with a geological time in the Mesozoic).

Location: Serra da Arrábida, Portugal

Fossil Collector: Fernando T.

What do you think? Is this a tooth? Does anyone recognize this find? Please leave a response.

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Shell fossil found in Portugal.

Second view of shell fossil.

This was found on a beach in Portugal. If anyone could help identify the nature of fossilisation that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Collector: Craig T.

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