Peace River fossil, Florida Carcharodon megalodon shark tooth

This is why people have flocked to the Peace River for the last 50 years…to search for the ever-elusive extinct giant white shark tooth (Carcharodon megalodon).

Photo: Courtesy Mark Rentz
Location: Peace River, Florida

Fossil Expeditions

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Fossil cow shark teeth from the Lee Creek phosphate mine in Aurora, NC

Some of our favorite fossils: Cow Shark teeth. These are from the always productive Lee Creek phosphate mine near Aurora, North Carolina. The fossils are each about 1.5 inches long.

Collector: Scott S.

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Shark teeth rubber stamps 7 differetn stamps!

The new shark teeth rubber stamps are here featuring Carcharodon megalodon, tiger, notidonus, lamna, hemipristis, hybodus and makeral shark! Actual stamps shown. High quality art stamps mounted on sustainable harvest maple blocks. Click the link below for full details.

Shark Teeth Rubber Stamps

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Fossil shark teeth uncovered in SC

These fossil shark teeth were discovered along the Edisto River in South Carolina. The largest is 4 1/2 inches long.

Collector: Jon M.

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Fossil shark tooth from South Carolina

Although it is not complete, I was very excited to find this auricularus tooth. The tooth is over two inches long and would have been an especially nice find if not chipped. This is an extinct cousin of the more well-known Carcharodon megalodon shark and the first auricularus I had ever found. The tooth is from the Harleyville Formation and was discovered at a cement quarry in Harleyville, SC. The location is not often open to the public, but I was fortunate enough that day to be given a guided tour for a article I was writing about the quarry.

Collector: Scott Stepanski

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